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Move In/Out

In addition to the already thorough service we provide in our Residential House Cleaning Service , we add the following extra Move In Move Out Cleaning touches.
Mop Hardwood Floors With A Slightly Dampened Microfiber Pad Or Cloth
Ceiling fans, floor and ceiling vents and return covers will be cleaned Light fixtures including sconce-type will be cleaned inside and out Walls not recently re-painted will be spot cleaned
Blinds, curtain rails, registers, stairwells and banisters will be dusted Cabinets and drawers will be cleaned and vacuumed inside and out
Woodwork including doors, trim, cabinets, drawers, closet shelves, bookshelves, handrails and moldings will be wiped down
Horizontal surfaces including counter tops will be wiped clean Cushions in sofas or chairs will be lifted, vacuumed and cleared of debris
Baseboards, ledges, electrical outlet covers and light switches will be cleaned Mirrors, porcelain surfaces and chrome fixtures will be cleaned and polished Bathroom fixtures including sinks, toilets, urinals, showers and tubs will be cleaned and disinfected Kitchen sink, counter tops and dishwasher will be cleane
Exterior of large appliances and exterior and interior of microwave will be cleaned Exterior of stove and outside of range hood will be wiped clean

Clean dining room cabinets - inside and out
Clean laundry room cabinets - inside and out
Stove cleaned - inside and out
Refrigerator cleaned inside, out

What Can You Expect From Tu Angel’s LLC  Move In Move Out Cleaning?

Hourly Rates
$39.00 Per Man Hour Move In / Move Out Cleaning 
2.5 HRS = $97.50    3 HRS= $117    4 HRS = $156      5 HRS=$195
 6 HRS= $234    7 HRS= $273    8 HRS= $312
(Including Cleaning Supplies)
Per Man -Hour. With a Minimum of 2.5 hrs .only within 0-18-miles from Office Address
Per Man -Hour. With a Minimum of 4.5 hrs .only within 18-26-miles from Office Address
Over 26 Miles Please Call For More Information

Or  Flat Rate Pricing
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Tu Angel’s LLC Move In Move Out Cleaning service is designed to thoroughly clean and disinfect your empty house. Why must the house be empty you ask? Because it allows us to properly get to those areas of the home that are normally neglected such as underneath and behind where furniture used to be, the insides of once overcrowded closets, cabinets and vanities, as well as all those other nooks and crannies general house cleaning just doesn’t address.
Start your new home experience off right with a move in move out cleaning. If you’re a realtor or buying/selling on your own, give your client the very best with our friendly Move In Move Out Cleaning service